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So here I am, looking over my new Roadkill Shirts before I stuff them into my luggage (I wanted the NASCARLO or the Rotsun ones, but they only have Stubby Bob). Wondering how these managed to get to me in a day flat when my other stuff takes days.


Flight means that I’ll be arriving in Las Vegas a minute before Midnight October 31, but I hope the Halloween festivities will still be going on the strip at least. Budget maybe 4 hours of sleep before going to SEMA on November 1st.

I kinda have my plans all setup on what to see and what to look into, and then Hotrod Garage had to put this wrench into my plans just yesterday:

SEMA exhibitor list doesn’t show a Mopar booth, and no Fiat/Chrysler booth as well. Oy. This is gonna be fun to find.


I know what to see, what vendors I want to visit, and meet what celebrities (Mike Finnigan and Sung Kang at least).

Other than SEMA, the only hard plan I’m gonna do in Vegas (it’s pretty much gonna be fluid) is go see Zumanity:

New York New York has loose Blackjack tables, right?

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